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How to Black Spam Emails on iPhone

This article I will show you a really useful tips about blocking spam emails on iPhone. After reading, you won’t receive spam emails and other junk information on your iPhone. Two ways can solve this problem for you easily. One is blocking from Email settings and the other way is use spam filter apps.

Black Junk Emails on iPhone Directly

  • 1. Go to your Email app on your iPhone and open a spam email in it
  • 2. Click the “Option” arrow and select “Black this person”. Now you won’t receive any emails from this email address.

Apps That Can Block Emails on iPhone

  • 1. Unlistr
    Developed by proprietary algorithm, Unlistr is one of the best Email blocking apps for iOS users. It can scan 50 emails at once to find the spam and junk information and block them for you easily.
  • 2. SpamDrain SpamDrain works like a cleaner for your iPhone Email inbox. It knows your like and dislike easily and you can even retrieve the blocked emails directly from your iPhone or iPad if you want.

In this article, I talked about how to block spam emails on iPhone. If you accidentally delete important emails on your iPhone, read this article to learn how to recover deleted emails from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.