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How to Fix Soft Bricked Android Phone

If you are an Android fan or use Android phone, you may hear of soft brick. If your Android phone is soft brick, it is not a good news. That means you can’t use it normally and it stuck at some point of booting. In this article, I will introduce you what is Android soft brick and how to fix soft bricked Android phone without losing data.

What is Android Phone Soft Brick

When we talk about soft brick, we always compare it with hard brick. According to the name, you can tell that it is related with software maybe. Yes, you are right. Android phone soft brick is caused by software error and when your Android phone is soft brick, it cannot boot normally and freeze at boot screen, stuck in boot loop or boot to recovery mode. Android phone soft brick always occurs when you update Android OS, root your Android phone, flash a custom ROM, camera mod, etc. Android soft brick is fixable and you can do it yourself. While if your Android phone is hard brick, your Android phone will totally dead. You can’t boot up at all. You need to bring it to professional mobile phone repair shop.

How to Fix Soft Bricked Android Phone

In this article, I will show you the easiest and best way to fix soft bricked Android phone. I will use Android Data Recovery software. It can connect your soft bricked Android phone and fix it easily. You will get a normal phone after few minutes without losing any data on it.

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery

Free Download, install and run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Select “Broken Android Data Recovery” option on the main interface. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. You will see the following interface.

Step 2. Confirm Your Android Phone’s Name and Model

Click “Fix Device” button on the interface and you will see a list of abnormal mode. Select the “Others” option and click “Next” button.

Now you need to select the name and model of your Android phone on the drop-down list and agree the disclaimer.

Click “Confirm” button. The software will begin to fix your Android soft brick problem and you will get a normal Android phone soon.

Step 3. Fix Soft Bricked Android Phone

During the process of fixing, you need to wait until the software shows you 100%. You will see on the interface listing all the data on your Android phone. Now your Android phone is fixed successfully and you can backup your Android data to avoid data loss if your Android phone is soft bricked next time.

As you can see, Android phone soft brick can be fixed easily with this Android Data Recovery. It can also fix Android phone stuck at Android System Recovery and other Android system problems. You can even use it to recover deleted files on Android phone, including text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, Whtasapp messages/photos, music, books and other document files from Android phone without backup.