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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from OnePlus

From the official forum of Oneplus, you will see many questions about how to recover deleted or lost contacts from Oneplus. But there is no official response from the Oneplus. I think Oneplus also want to find a solution that can solve the problems for their users. But their system is based on Android and I think they don’t have one. In this article, we will show you the safest and most reliable way to recover deleted contacts from Oneplus One and Oneplus 2.

Android Data Recovery is designed to help OnePlus users to get back lost or deleted data. It can recover deleted contacts, text messages, videos, photos, audios, call logs and other data from OnePlus phones easily. Read more about recovering deleted text messages from OnePlus.

Step 1. Enable USB debugging mode

Run the recovery software and connect your OnePlus phone to your computer. You need to enable the USB debugging mode on your OnePlus phone. You can follow the guide on the interface to do that.

usb debugging mode

Step 2. Scan OnePlus Phone

Once you enable the USB debugging mode on your OnePlus phone, you need to allow the SuperUser authorization of the data recovery software for OnePlus. Then you can easily scan your OnePlus phone.

First, you need to choose the data you want to scan on your OnePlus. Here you can choose contacts, messages, call logs, videos, music, photos and whatsapp messages to scan. If you only want to recover deleted contacts, just choose it.

select data type

Second, you need to select the advance scanning mode. Using this scanning mode, you will find all the deleted contacts on your OnePlus.

scanning mode

Then the software will scan your OnePlus phone automatically.

Step 3. Recover Deleted Contacts from OnePlus

The software will list all the data in your OnePlus phone on the interface, you can easily find the deleted contacts from the left side menu > Contacts. Use the filter to only show the deleted contacts on your OnePlus phone. This will help you to find the deleted contacts faster. You can preview the contacts you want to restore and then click “Recover” button. All the selected contacts will be recovered and saved to your computer.

scan result contacts

You can easily find the recovered contacts on your computer. The software can help you to get back all the info in your contacts, such as name, phone number, email address, job title, etc. With this Android Data Recovery, you will never worry about losing contacts from your OnePlus phone.