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How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

Many Android users may face this situation. When you delete some useless files on your Android phone, you select all of them and click delete button and you confirm it. Then you find out you delete some important files from Android. If you don’t have the backup file, how to recover deleted files from Android? The answer is Android Data Recovery.

This Android File Recovery can scan your Android phone and SD card directly and retrieve deleted files from Android phone. It can recover deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call logs and other files from your Android phone. It supports Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, MOTO and other Android brands. Now follow this article to learn how to recover deleted files on Android.

Step 1. Launch Android File Recovery

Free download, install and run this recovery software for Android. You will see the following interface.

Android Data Recovery interface

Step 2. Connect Android phone to computer

Connect your Android phone to your computer. The software will connect your Android phone automatically.

connect Android phone

Step 3. Enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone

Before you can scan and restore deleted files from Android phone, you need to enable the USB debugging mode on your Android. Different Android version has different ways to do that. So please follow the little guide on the interface according to your Android OS version.

USB debugging mode

Step 4. Get the Privilege to scan Android phone

Once you have enabled the USB debugging mode, click “Next” button. You need to allow the superuser authorization of the Android file recovery software. You need to move your eyes to your Android phone’s screen. There will be a pop-up tip on your screen to let you allow the Superuser authorization. Please click “Allow/Grant/”.


Then on the interface of the software, you need to click “Start” button. The Android file recovery software will scan your Android phone automatically.

On the next interface, you will be allowed to choose which kinds of files you would like to recovery. The software can restore messages, contacts, photos, videos, audios, whatsapp messages and other document files from Android phone.

choose files to be scanned

Click “Next”, you will enter the scanning mode interface. In here, you need to choose the scanning mode. We recommend you the advanced mode and click “Next”. Because using this mode, the software will find more deleted files on your Android phone than other modes.

scan mode

Step 5. Preview and recover deleted files on Android

The scanning process will begin when you click the “Next” button. Please wait and the scanning work will be finished soon. All the data, both the deleted and the existing, on your Android phone will be listed on the interface. You can find each type of data in the left menu. Enter each type, you will find all the data and preview them to check if you want to recover them.

preview text messages

After you select all the files you want to recover from your Android phone, you can click “Recover” button. All the files you selected will be recovered and saved to your computer.

That’s all the steps for recovering deleted files from Android phone. Although you can use Android data recovery to get back deleted files from your Android phone, please backup the important data on your Android regularly. Another little tip for Android users: if you lost or deleted files on your Android phone and you want to recover them, please stop using your Android phone. The new data will overwrite the space saving the deleted files on Android.