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How to Root Motorola MOTO G

If you want to know how to root Motorola MOTO G smart phone, you come to the right place. In this article, I will show you the easiest way to root your MOTO G phone and I will also tell you the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android phone before you do this.

Many MOTO phone users want to root their phones because they want to get more control to their Motorola phones. After rooting your phone, you can:

  1. 1. Flash a custom ROM or kernel according to your own needs
  2. 2. Remove pre-installed applications from your Motorola phone
  3. 3. Get faster running speed and longer battery life
  4. 4. Install incompatible applications
  5. 5. Block advertisements when you play games on your Motorola phones

Yes, rooted Motorola phone will provide you better experience and more customized functions for you. However, you’d better know the disadvantages of rooting your Motorola phone before you root it.

  1. 1. The possibility to brick your phone due to wrong operation when you root your phone
  2. 2. The warranty will be void
  3. 3. Encounter update issues after rooting

After reading all the advantages and disadvantages above, if you still want to root your Motorola MOTO G smart phone, follow the steps below. You can easily root your phones.

The easiest way to root your Motorola MOTO G smart phone is use One Click Root. As you can see in the name, just 1 click you can easily root your MOTO G phone with it.

Step 1. Run One Click Root Program

Free download, install and run One Click Root program on your computer. You will see the following interface:

Step 2. Connect Motorola MOTO G

Connect your MOTO G mobile phone to your computer via USB cable. Unlock your phone’s screen, you will get a notice to enable USB debugging mode on your phone. You can easily do this following the little guide on the interface.

After that, this program will detect and connect your MOTO G mobile phone fully. You can begin the rooting process.

Step 3. Root Motorola MOTO G

Click “Root Now” button on the interface, this program will begin to root your Motorola MOTO G smart phone. It will take some time to finish the rooting process. Once it finishes rooting your phone, it will reboot your Motorola phone automatically and you will get a rooted Motorola MOTO G mobile phone.

It’s really easy to root your Motorola MOTO G smart phone with this One Click Root program. Now you can enjoy all the advantages of rooting. But you need to pay attention to the disadvantages too. Also if you want to recover deleted or lost data from your rooted MOTO G phones, you can use Motorola Recovery software. It can scan your phone and SD card to find all the deleted data for you. You can learn how to recover deleted photos from MOTO G here.