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How to Recover Deleted Call log from Android Phone?

Many Android users are talking about how to recover deleted call log from Android phone in communities. They want to restore their deleted call log from Android because they deleted their Android call history thinking they are useless and this will free more space for their Android phones. How to recover call log for Android users? In this article, we will show you an easy and effective way to recover deleted call log from Android phones.

We will use Android Data Recovery to retrieve call history on Android. It is designed to recover deleted data from Android phones, tablets and SD cards. You can use it to recover deleted/lost data from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, MOTO and other Android phone brands.

Step 1. Connect your Android device to computer

Download, install and run the recovery software for Android. Connect your Android phone to your computer. The software will detect your device and connect it.

connect android phone

Step 2. Scan your Android phone to find deleted call history

In order to recover deleted call log on Android, you need to scan your Android device first. To successfully scan your Android device, you need to enable the USB debugging mode on your Android phone. You can do that easily follow the instruction on the software interface.

usb debugging mode

Once you enable the USB debugging mode, click “Next” button. If you have rooted your Android phone, you need allow the Superuser authorization for the Android recovery software on your device’s screen.

superuser authorization

Now you are allowed to choose which kinds of data you would like to scan and recover. You can select call log and other data to scan.

select data

And you also need to choose the scanning mode, standard mode and advanced mode. The standard mode scans less data with short time. The advanced mode scans more data with longer time. We recommend you to choose the advanced mode, so you can find all the call history on your Android phone.

scan mode

Step 3. Recover deleted call log from Android

Click “Next”, the software will automatically begin the scanning and list all the founded data on the interface. You can easily go to the call log section to find the call log information you want to recover. You can use the filter to only show the deleted call log. It is easier for you to find the call history you want to recover.

recover call log

Select the call log you would like to recover and click “Recover” button. The Android call log recovery software will recover your deleted call history to your computer. You can find and check the information in it freely.