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How to Recover Deleted History on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers for Windows computer. If you are using Chrome, this article will help you a lot when you want to recover deleted or lost Chrome history or bookmarks. You have to agree that no one will never lose or delete important data accidentally. So before losing data, it will be great to know how to recover deleted history on Google Chrome. If you’ve lost or deleted important history/bookmarks you want to keep, this article can provide you some advise on getting back deleted history on Google Chrome.

I will introduce you 5 ways to retrieve deleted history from Chrome browser. You can try them one by one. But most of you will solve your problem and get back the history after reading and following the first way.

Best Way to Recover Deleted Google Chrome History

This is the easiest and best way to restore Chrome history for all Windows users. Data Recovery software will do all the things for you. You can directly find the deleted Chrome history after scanning. You can easily preview them and then get back any of them.

Step 1. Run Chrome History Recovery Software

Download, install and run this Data Recovery program on your computer. You will see the following interface.


Step 2. Scan Computer and Find Deleted/Lost Chrome History

Check all the file types listed on the interface and select Local Disk “C” to scan. Click “Scan” button, this program will begin to scan your local disk and find all the deleted and lost Chrome history/bookmarks for you.

scan result

The first time scanning will be a quick scan by default. Here I recommend you to do a second try. This time, it will be a deep scan. This mode will find more results for you from your computer while takes much time. I think it is worth to wait a longer time with more results.

Step 3. Find the Path of Your Google Chrome History

Copy chrome://version/ to your Chrome address bar and you will find the profile path of it.

Return to the Data Recovery and select the “Path List” option on the top of the data menu. You will find the default folder for your Chrome history files.

Step 4. Recover Deleted Chrome History

Go to the Default folder, you will find all the Google Chrome history here. The deleted history will be in red. You can find them easily and recover any of them to your computer.

Restore Google Chrome Browsing History from Google Account

If you browsed websites while you are logging in your Google account, you can easily get back the deleted browsing history from it. Go to “www.google.com/history” and sign into your account. You will see all the browsing history with Google Chrome. You can get back any of them easily.

Check Deleted Chrome History with DNS Caches

You can also use DNS cache to find the deleted browsing history on your Google Chrome and restore them. DNS cache will keep the history for you until you delete or clear them. Please remember do not restart or shut down your computer before you can find the deleted hsitory.

1. Open a command prompt by typing the “cmd”

2. Input “ipconfig /displaydns” in the command prompt and press “Enter”. You will see all the site addresses you have visited

Recover Lost/Deleted Chrome History from Chrome Backup

By default, Google chrome will backup your browsing histories and bookmarks automatically. If you can find the backup file, you can easily restore them.

1. Go to “C:\Users\(your computer)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Defaulton”

2. Find the Bookmarks and Bookmarks,bak files in this folder

3. Close your Chrome and rename the “Bookmarks” to “Bookmarks.1” and “Bookmarks.bak” to “Bookmarks”.

4. Restart your Chrome and you will find all the deleted bookmarks back to your Chrome.