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How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Canon/Nikon Camera

Although iPhone and some Android based smart phone provide very high quality camera, some people still love their camera and DSLR to take photos especially when they need high quality. To save the photos and videos, you need to use a memory card, including CF card, SD card, memory stick, XD crd and so on. In this article, I will show you the easiest and fastest way to recover deleted photos and videos from Canon and Nikon camera no matter which kind of memory card you use.

Many of you will say “Oh, no. You can’t do this. It’s impossible to get back deleted or lost photos from camera without backup.” Read this article and I will show you it’s possible and it’s really easy to do that with Data Recovery software. First I would like to explain why it is possible. After losing or deleting photos/videos from your memory card in your camera, the deleted photos/videos are still in your memory card. But you can’t see and find them without professional recovery program. Before overwriting by new data, you can use this Data Recovery software to find and recover any deleted photos and videos from Canon and Nikon camera easily. The only thing you need to pay attention is stop using your camera after losing photos from it.

Data Recovery is designed for people who want to recover deleted and lost data from their computer, external hard drive and memory card. It can scan your drive deeply and find all the deleted/lost files for you. You can preview and select any of them to recover.

Now follow all my steps below and learn how to recover deleted photos/videos from Canon and Nikon camera’s memory card.

Step 1. Run Data Recovery

Free download, install and run Data Recovery program on your computer. Connect your camera to computer via USB cable or use card reader for the memory card of your digital camera. You will see the name of your memory card on the main interface under “Removable Devices” section.


Step 2. Scan Memory Card to Find Photos/Videos

Before scanning, you need to select the file types you want to find from the memory card and where you want to recover the deleted/lost photos and videos. After that, click “Scan” button on the interface. This program will scan your memory card quickly. After scanning, you will see all the deleted photos and videos of your memory card on the interface. If you can’t find the photos you want to get back, try to use the “Deep Scan” mode. This program will give your memory card a deep scan. It will take longer time than the quick scan. But you will get more results.

external drive

Step 3. Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Digital Camera

The scanning result will be listed on the interface and you can easily find the photos you want to recover. The photos will be sorted by the format of it. You can find the PNG, JPG, GIF and other photos types here. You can preview any of them before recovering. After selecting all the photos you want to retrieve, click “Recover” button. This program will get back all the selected photos and videos from your Digital camera for you.

scan result

This Data Recovery can help you to recover deleted images/videos from your Canon, Nikon and even Samsung DSLR easily. If you do need a digital camera recovery program, it is the best choice for you.