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How to Recover Deleted Music from Android Phone?

“I deleted some songs from my Android phone to release some space days ago. But I want to listen some of the music I deleted now. Is there some way to recover deleted music from Android phone?”
Asked by Tim

If you also want to recover deleted music just like Tim from your Android phone, I think there is one way to do that. Android Data Recovery software is designed to help Android users to restore deleted music on Android. It can also recover deleted sms, contacts, videos, call log and other data from Android. It is really easy to use and what you need to recover music from Android is just your computer, your Android phone and Android recovery software.

Step 1. Connect Android phone to computer

Launch the recovery software and connect your Android phone to your computer. The software will detect your Android phone and connect it.

connect android phone

Step 2. Scan Android Phone to find the deleted music

Here you need two steps to scan your Android phone. One is to enable the USB debugging mode the second is to allow superuser authorization.

1. Enable USB debugging mode

To scan your Android phone, you need to enable the USB debugging mode on your Android phone. According to different Android OS version, you need to follow different steps to do that. On the software’s interface, it provides you how to enable USB debugging mode for different Android version. Just follow the right steps for your Android phone.

usb debugging mode

2. Superuser Authorization

Click “Next” button after you enable the USB debugging mode. If you have rooted your Android phone, you need allow the superuser authorization for the Android music recovery software. Just click “Allow” on your Android’s screen.

superuser authorization

Then you need to choose music on the interface to scan. Of course, you can choose other data together with music. And you will get the data you select here after the software finishes the scanning.

select data

You need to choose the scanning mode: standard mode and advanced mode. Here I recommend you to choose the advanced mode. Although it will take more time than standard mode, it will find much more data for you.

scan mode

Step 3. Recover deleted music from Android

Once it finishes the scanning, the software will list all the data it found on the interface. You can choose the audio section to find the deleted songs and music on your Android phone. The software can restore music files with the following extension: mp3, aif/aiff, m4a, wav, wma, mid/midi, ogg and aac. It will recover the music on your computer. You can easily transfer them back to your Android phone or just keep them on your computer for backup.