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How to Retrieve Uninstalled Programs on Windows

“Hi, I accidentally uninstalled an important program on my laptop. I need to get it back along with all the files and data under it. Do you know that can I retrieve an uninstalled program on Windows 10? Thank you very much!”

This is a question from one of our readers last week. The answer is YES, of course. I replied her the steps of restoring uninstalled programs from Windows also I introduced her how to recover the deleted files and data along with the program. I think it’s a great idea to share this guide with you guys who want to retrieve uninstalled program on our website. You can read it and follow all the steps to recover uninstalled programs and their data.

In this article, I will introduce you 2 ways to do that. You can choose either of them to get back your data and program easily.

Retrieve Uninstall Programs with Data Recovery Software

The Data Recovery software here I recommend you is the best third party tool which can help you to get back uninstalled programs and the data of them. It can scan your computer and find the .exe files also the files and data deleted along with the programs, including messages, photos, videos, document files, emails, audio files, Archive, etc.

Step 1. Install and Run Data Recovery

Download, install and run this recovery program on your computer. You will see the following interface on your computer. Please do not install this program on the hard drive where the programs you uninstalled from. This can avoid data overwriting, which will result in losing data permanently.


Step 2. Scan Computer and Find Uninstalled Program

To find the .exe files of the programs, you need to select the “Others” in the data file types list and then select where you want to find the uninstalled programs. If you want to get back the files and data deleted along with the programs, you can select the file types in the list. After that, you can click “Scan” button. This program will do a “Quick Scan” for your computer. If you can’t find the programs you want to get back. Click “Scan” button again. This time, it will do a “Deep Scan” for you. You can find more results after that.

scan result

Step 3. Restore Uninstalled Programs on Windows

Choose the files you want to recover and click “Recover” button on the interface. This program will recover the files you selected to your computer as soon as possible. Run the .exe file, you can easily reinstall the program on your PC. The files and data will also be recovered and saved on your computer along with the .exe files.

recover success

Restore Uninstalled Program with System Restore Function

There is a built-in function on Windows computer called System Restore. It allows you to undo the removal of any data on your computer. However, this function will also wipe all the data and program which you newly Putin and installed after the working state. That means this is a completely restore. So before doing this, please backup important data after the working state.

  • 1. Search “Restore” in the searching bar and select “Create a restore point”. Under the “System Protection” tab, click “System Restore” button.
  • 2. Click “Next” button on the “Restore system files and settings” page
  • 3. In order to see more restore points, click “Show more restore points” check box
  • 4. You are allowed to see the affected programs by clicking “Scan for affected programs”
  • 5. If you are ready to restore, select a restore point and click “Next” button
  • 6. Click “Finish” button after that
  • 7. Select “Yes” and System Restore function will work for you to recover the uninstalled programs.

System Restore function is not enabled by default. You need to enable it before you can restore uninstalled programs from your Windows computer. If you never do that before, go to Way 1 and follow all the steps to find and retrieve uninstalled programs and files.