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How to Root Kindle Fire

Although Kindle Fire is based on Android OS, you can’t root Kindle Fire with common methods like other Android phone. In this article, I will show you two ways to root Kindle Fire. After rooting, you can get more privilege to control your Kindle Fire, uninstall pre-installed applications, have longer battery life, and delete advertisements and so on. Before rooting your Kindle Fire, you need to have a Windows computer, install Kindle driver on your computer, backup important files on Kindle Fire, charge Kindle Fire to have at least 85% battery.

This article includes two parts:

How to Root Kindle Fire with ADB Drivers

Step 1. Enable ADB Option

Go to “Settings” > “Device” and tap “Enable ADB” option.

Step 2. Install ADB Drivers on Your Computer

Free download Kindle Fire ADB drivers to your computer. Unzip the files on your computer. Find “Kindle Fire ADB Drivers.exe” file and install it on your computer.

Step 3. Root Kindle Fire with ADB Drivers

Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer via USB cable. Find “Android Composite ADB Interface” under “Kindle Fire” in the Windows Device Manager.

If the system notices you that it needs to be updated, just update it easily.

Script the entire code or just download the automated scripted file for your Kindle Fire from internet.

If your script file runs successfully, disconnect your Kindle File and check if it is rooted successfully.

How to Root Kindle Fire with Kindle Fire Utility

Step 1. Install Kindle Fire Drivers

Go to XDA developers and download Kindle Fire Utility for Windows. Unzip the file and connect your Kindle Fire device to computer via USB cable. Your computer will notice you to install a few drivers. You can easily follow the instruction on the interface to finish the installation.

Step 2. Root Kindle Fire

Click “run.bat” file and you will see the ADB status is Online. Select “Install Permanent Root with SuperUser” option and click “Enter” button to begin the rooting process.

You will get a rooted Kindle Fire device after few minutes. Please remember don’t disconnect your Kindle Fire while Kindle Fire Utility is rooting your Kindle Fire.

That’s all for rooting Kindle Fire. You can follow any of the two methods I show you above. They are both easy to do and understand. Hope you have a nice time with your rooted Kindle Fire.