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How to Root Nexus 4/5/6/7

For Android users, rooting brings you many advantages. So most of Android users have rooted their Android devices or are going to root their Android phone. In this article, I will show you how to root Nexus phone easily. After rooting your Nexus phone, you will have much more privilege to control your Nexus phone. You can flash a customized ROM, uninstall pre-installed application, remove advertisements during game, have faster speed and longer battery life, etc. If these are what you want about your Nexus phone, read this article and follow all the steps exactly. You can root your Nexus phone easily and get all the advantages of rooting.

To root Nexus phone, I will use Nexus Root Toolkit. It is the best program that can root Nexus phones without any problem. It is the easiest-to-use root program for Nexus users. Before rooting Nexus phone, you can even backup your data on Nexus phone with it.

Before we begin to root your Nexus phone, you need to download and install Nexus Root Toolkit. Connect your Nexus phone to computer, allow USB debugging, enable USB debugging mode on your Nexus phone.

Now let’s root Nexus phone together with Nexus Root Toolkit.

Step 1. Confirm Your Phone

Before rooting, you need to confirm your Nexus phone’s model and Android OS version. You can select them in the drop-down list on the interface easily. If you don’t know that exactly, check “Settings” > “About Phone” on your Nexus phone.

Step 2. Root Nexus Phone

Click “Backup” button on the interface, this root toolkit will backup all your data on Nexus phone for you. This program will wipe all the data on your Nexus when it unlock bootloader on it. Click “Unlock” button, Nexus Root Toolkit will unlock bootloader for your Nexus phone.

Select “Do not flash CWM” on your Nexus phone and click “Root” button on the interface.

Run SuperSU app on your Nexus phone and update the SU binary. After that, you need to run BusyBox app. Confirm to grant the root permission and install. Now you have successfully rooted your Nexus phone. Enjoy your rooted Nexus phone with all the advantages.