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USB Data Recovery - Easiest Way to Recover Deleted Data/File from USB Flash Drive

For a long time, USB drive(flash drive, pen drives) has become the first choice for us to save data for work and life. It is much easier to take and can be used on all kinds of computers. The only thing that we worry about about data in USB drive is data loss. There are many reasons that may result in data loss, such as accidentally deletion, hardware issue, dead drives, not recognized RAW, need to format, etc. In this article, I will show you the easiest and best way to recover deleted data or files from USB flash drive.

To recover deleted files from USB drive, you need to use USB Data Recovery program. It is designed for users who want to get back deleted or lost data/files from USB flash drives. It can scan your USB drive deeply and find all the deleted and lost files on it. This USB data recovery can recover documents, images, videos, audios, ZIP, RAR, SIT and other data from your USB flash drive.

After losing data from USB drive, please stop using your USB flash drive. This is because the new data you put into your USB drive will overwrite the space where saves your deleted data on it. Now let’s being to recover lost/deleted data from your USB Flash Drive.

Step 1. Run USB Data Recovery

Free download, install and run Data Recovery program on your computer. Connect your USB drive to your computer. This program will detect your USB drive and then show its name on the “Removable Drive” section on the main interface of the program.


Step 2. Scan USB Drive to Find Deleted Data

On the interface, you need to check the file types you want to recover from your USB drive before we begin the scanning. Also you need to select your USB drive as the drive you will scan and find the deleted and lost data on. Click “Scan” button, this program will begin the scanning. It will take some time to scan and it will list all the files on the interface after scanning.

external drive

Step 3. Recover Deleted Data from USB Drive

On the left side of the interface, you will see a data menu. You can use it to find the deleted files you want to recover according to the file types. Go to each section on the menu and you will see all the deleted and lost files in it. Select and preview the data before recovering. After selecting all the files you want to restore, click “Recover” button. This USB Data Recovery will recover all the selected data from USB flash drive to computer as soon as possible.

scan result

Once you get the deleted files on computer, you can transfer them to your USB flash drive again. This Data Recovery is the best choice for you to recover deleted files/data from USB Flash Drive.